Class 12 Mathematics Complete Video Lessons (CBSE Pattern)
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Class 12 Mathematics Complete Video Lessons (CBSE Pattern)

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The best way to prepare for Central Board of Secondary Examination, India (CBSE) Math on your own, at your own home.

Enroll and get immediate Lifetime access to more than 400 high quality videos. Now!

All topics are explained with basics, formulas and exercises. You learn using video, audio and text - a potent combination that engages all your senses, keeping you active and involved. You will never forget what you learn through this course!

With about 3 hours of video instruction per chapter, you can use this course as a crash course and prepare for the full syllabus in less than 2 weeks. You can also go back and view these as many times as you want, on any computer with an Internet connection.

Study 3 hours per day with these videos and complete the one year CBSE 12th Math syllabus in less than 2 weeks.

Common FAQ’s about Class 12 Mathematics Complete Video Lessons (CBSE Pattern) online course:

Question : I take tuitions already. Will this course be still useful for me?

Answer: The course can be used to refresh what you studied. It also allows you to go back and view videos of portions you don't understand again and again until you understand them. You don't have to wait a day to clarify your doubts.

Question : I am in 11th standard right now. Can I use this program?

Answer : You can use it during holidays and complete the portion. As you get lifetime access to these videos, you can buy now at a reduced price and use it later.

Question : If I have doubts about a section, whom do I contact?

Answer : While designing these video lessons, complete care has been taken to explain each and every step in detail so that you will not have doubts. In case a doubt still persists, the videos that come after the one you are viewing will resolve them. If you still have a doubt, just contact the course instructor.

Question : I don't study with CBSE. Will I still benefit from this course?

Answer : Yes. Most topics in CBSE and other boards are same. You will definitely cover 80% of your syllabus with this course irrespective of which board exams you are going to take.

Class 12 Mathematics Complete Video Lessons (CBSE Pattern) online course package:

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Class 12 Mathematics Complete Video Lessons (CBSE Pattern) online course Outline:

Chapters for 12th CBSE Math as per the latest NCERT syllabus:

Relations and functions

Inverse Trigonometry



Continuity and Differentiability

Application of Derivatives


Application of Integration

Differential Equation

Vector Algebra

Three Dimensional Geometry

Linear Programming


About the course instructor:

Alex is an experienced online Math instructor, having taught hundreds of students in Mathematics since 1980. He has over 30 years of experience and is particularly skilled in teaching class 10, 11 and 12 students, from CBSE, ICSE and state boards. He has also trained many students in the aptitude portion which comes in various competitive exams like CAT, GRE, GMAT, and Bank PO exam etc. Alex holds a B.E. in Aeronautics from Bharathiar University, India. He also holds a Princeton Review Certification and TNPCEE from Anna University, India. He has worked with the prestigious Manya Group and Learning Systems before starting on his own. He lives in Chennai, India.

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About the instructor
Alex .


Cbse/Icse/Isc/Stateboard Maths teacher having solid experience in teaching for 12th level. Having a very good experience in teaching for Various competitive exam which has aptitude questions like CAT, GRE, GMat, Tancet, Bank po exam etc. Excellent teaching quality assured. This is my website


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