Class 12 Math Video Tutorials for Continuity and Differentiability
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Class 12 Math Video Tutorials for Continuity and Differentiability

Master one of the most important topics in Class 12 Math Series

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Master Continuity and Differentiability to score high in Class 12 examinations.

This course focuses on the continuity and differentiability section which is one of the high scoring parts of Class 12 Mathematics syllabus for Board examinations in India. The video tutorials are designed to give you a thorough conceptual understanding of the continuity and differentiability topics. These video tutorials also provide with tips and tricks to solve the complex Continuity and Differentiability problems in an easy and efficient manner.

The course package:

  • 31 video tutorials - over 3 hours of recordings

  • No waiting period - get access to video tutorials as soon as you enroll

Class 12 Math Video Tutorials for Continuity and Differentiability online course outline:

  • Continuity and differentiability

  • Derivative of composite functions

  • Chain rule

  • Derivatives of inverse trigonometric functions

  • Derivative of implicit function

  • Concept of exponential and logarithmic functions and their derivative

  • Logarithmic differentiation

  • Derivative of functions expressed in parametric forms

  • Second order derivatives

  • Rolle's and Lagrange's Mean Value Theorems (without proof) and their geometric interpretation

 About the course instructor:

Alex is an experienced Mathematics instructor who has been teaching Mathematics for more than 31 years. He has also trained many students in the aptitude portion which comes in various competitive exams like CAT, GRE, GMAT, and Bank PO exam etc.

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Language of instruction: English

About the instructor
Alex .


Cbse/Icse/Isc/Stateboard Maths teacher having solid experience in teaching for 12th level. Having a very good experience in teaching for Various competitive exam which has aptitude questions like CAT, GRE, GMat, Tancet, Bank po exam etc. Excellent teaching quality assured. This is my website


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